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Priority Due diligence report

DUE DILIGENCE For your Municipal Portfolio

The Priority Due Diligence Report is one of two Priority reports offered by S&B. The Priority reports are designed to meet the time demands of bankers purchasing new bonds or bonds available on the secondary market.  The reports are also useful in receiving a general evaluation of credit risk in a portfolio.  The report provides a Priority rating designation of an S&B 1, S&B 2, S&B 3, or S&B 4 as determined by the Priority Due Diligence Model.  Please review S&B’s rating scale for more information on each rating designation.  The report includes a full table evaluating the performance of the municipality in several key areas.  Additionally, an analysis of the local county economics is provided. S&B recommends complementing the Priority reports with standard rating reports when the bonds receive a low rating.

The Priority Due Diligence Report can be used as pre-purchase and post-purchase due diligence. Please contact S&B in regards to turn-around times for reports. S&B will include its market valuation component for pre-purchase reports at no additional charge. For municipalities with financial statements not conforming to generally accepted accounting principles or bonds with more complex payment structures, S&B may recommend instead a standard S&B report.

PRICE: $200

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