S&B Municipal Bond Ratings

Basic Report

DUE DILIGENCE For your Municipal Portfolio

S&B’s Reports feature the complete S&B Municipal Bond Rating, an underlying assessment of credit risk for the issuer determined through S&B’s systematic modeling of financial and economic performance.  The rating falls within the S&B rating scale of S&B 1, S&B 2, S&B 3, or S&B 4 and includes the “+/-“ rating gradations. For more information on the S&B rating scale, please click here.  In the Basic  Report, S&B provides a breakdown of the rating components. The “S&B Scorecard,” a comprehensive financial data table, is provided at this level of reporting. Economic performance is also broken down and evaluated on a relative basis.  A description of the security on the bonds and use of proceeds are included in the report.   

Please contact S&B in regards to rating requests and questions on turn-around times for reports. Please determine pre-purchase or post-purchase. S&B will include its market valuation component for pre-purchase reports at no additional charge. 


PRICE: $325

Contact info@sbmuni.com or 800.445.4430 to talk to an analyst.

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