S&B Municipal Bond Ratings

Standard Portfolio surveillance report

DUE DILIGENCE For your Municipal Portfolio

S&B’s Standard Reports feature the S&B Municipal Bond Rating, an underlying assessment of credit risk for the issuer determined through S&B’s systematic modeling of financial and economic performance.  The rating falls within the S&B Rating Scale of S&B 1, S&B 2, S&B 3, or S&B 4 and includes the “+/-“ rating gradations. For more information on the S&B Rating Scale, please click here. The Muni Portfolio Surveillance report is an ongoing rating report provided to customers who receive updated S&B ratings on a regular basis through a valuable client relationship with S&B.  S&B asserts that this relationship is a best practice toward mitigating credit risk within the municipal portfolio.  The actual report is a spreadsheet featuring current and prior rating information as well as other portfolio details according to each client’s preference.  S&B performs initial assessment ratings for the client’s portfolio and rating updates for ongoing review as new financial statements become available each year.     

Please contact S&B to determine how this relationship will work with your bank’s ongoing credit assessment needs. 


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