S&B and IPI Alliance


Seifried & Brew is proud to be part of a strategic alliance with Investment Professions, Inc. Investment Professionals, Inc. is an independent investment,insurance and asset management firm specializing in the increase of ROA and ROE within financial institutions.


Since inception in 1992, IPI has assisted hundreds of community banks in establishing and operating profitable Retail Bank Brokerage services. An onsite investment program provides a valuable service to customers and generates non-interest income, while also retaining and attracting customer relationships, positioning the bank to compete with other banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies and financial planners in the community. From program structure guidance to recruiting, office set-up and compliance, IPI has detailed processes to efficiently guide your bank in the establishment and maintenance of an investment program.

Through a relationship with one of the industry's premier providers of Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI), IPI offers its bank partners access to a tax-advantaged, cost efficient asset providing higher tax equivalent returns than many bank-eligible investments. A properly structured BOLI policy enables your bank to earn tax-free income and receive death proceeds from policies when held to maturity. The bank may elect to share a portion of the life insurance coverage with its key executives and directors, enhancing the competitiveness of its benefits package.


The SB Value Capital Markets program is a municipal trading strategy that seeks to capitalize on possible valuation discrepancies in small to medium lot municipal debt securities. Clients utilize this strategy to enhance the yield on both the bank's own portfolio, as well as providing an additional fixed income investment option within the trust department. The IPI Institutional program offers portfolio consulting services for banks. By utilizing advanced portfolio analytics tools, IPI strives to maximize portfolio returns.


The IPI Trust Services program may increase the profitability of trust departments through specialized investment products and services. By re-packaging the resources that have contributed to our success in the bank brokerage industry specifically for trust departments, IPI has assisted numerous trust departments in growing assets and increasing profitability.

The Trust Acquisitions program was established to combat ever shrinking margins that force many banks to reconsider the viability of operating smaller, less profitable trust departments. For many banks, selling the trust department presents an opportunity to maintain client relationships while also earning an ongoing revenue stream, but without the overhead and liability typically associated with operating a trust department.


Through a relationship with Seifried & Brew, LLC, IPI provides access to performance analytics and consulting for community banks. This partnership has industry-wide influence on strategic planning, risk management, asset liability management, capital planning, financial trending, investment portfolio review, and conflict resolution for community banks. Whether the needs are at the board level, with the senior management team, or customer events, S&B's philosophy is founded on traditional, conservative, and profitable community banking that creates an environment for our nation to prosper.