Asset/Liability Management


The S&B CAMELS Early Warning is a higher level of due diligence that can be used as event triggers in capital planning and strategic planning. Besides the assessment of your bank's CAMELS, we also provide our national and state economic risk indicators. These predictive indicators will also help your management team and directors monitor the impact of economic downturns to your bank.

All community bankers recognize the importance of bank examinations and the significance of the resulting CAMELS ratings. In an effort to obtain the optimal CAMELS score, we believe that community bankers and their directors need an independent, early warning that will enable management to correct any deficiencies that could be revealed in the CAMELS ratings process. Furthermore, in the aftermath of the Financial Crisis and the enactment of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, community banks must be proactive at maintaining their ratings of 1 and 2 in all categories of CAMELS. If a bank declines below a 2 rating, the bank will face regulatory scrutiny and higher FDIC costs.

The model we utilize for the assessment of your bank's CAMELS is based on our experience with regulators and the OCC's Comptroller Handbook for Community Bank Supervision. More than 100 data points, trends, and weightings are combined to help you "think like a regulator." To illustrate the bank's results, we use a simple stoplight image with a green light indicating possible CAMELS ratings of 1 or 2, a yellow light suggesting a potential of a 3 CAMELS rating and a red light identifying a rating potential of greater than 3.

Camels Early Warning Chart