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Portfolio Surveillance
Portfolio monitoring service providing continual credit risk rating updates for all credits. Best practice in municipal portfolio review.
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Portfolio Surveillance


S&B MUNI Portfolio Surveillance emerged as a credit risk monitoring service to identify emergent indicators of worsening credit risk and to modify credits determined to be high risk or non-investment grade. S&B MUNI Portfolio Surveillance process:

  • Available for the entire municipal portfolio or a selection of a portfolio
  • Initial assessment of a portfolio establishes a baseline credit rating using the most up-to-date audited financial statements available
  • S&B MUNI Ratings updated monthly with each new audited financial statement released
  • Clients receive report of ratings, S&B MUNI Portfolio Surveillance Report, with portfolio rating statistics
  • Portfolio Surveillance Report available on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, or occurrence tailored to a client’s specific preference
  • Further Standard Reporting provided as requested or according to the bank policy
  • Available on an annual subscription basis or a pay-per-rating basis, where S&B is informed of changes to the portfolio and modifies fees accordingly

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