S&B Top 15th Percentile of Community Banks

Being included in the Top 15th perentile is a designation earned by optimally balancing Risk and Reward over the past year and achieving a risk adjusted reward score ranked in the top 15th Percentile of Community Banks. To gain entry into this distinguished, the Bank demonstrated exemplary performance of balancing risk and reward based on the Bank’s S&B Total Risk/Return Composite Ranking. This is no small feat! The S&B Total Risk/Return model is built off of its belief that conservative, traditional community banking is the strength of our financial system.

Congratulations to the banks that made the S&B Top 15th Percentile Group!


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Watch our Briefing on the Performance of the S&B Top 15th Group

Jamie Sumner, chief analyst, reviews the performance of the 2018 S&B Top 15th Percentile group. This group of banks includes institutions that have realized an optimal level of performance throughout 2018 based on the S&B Composite Index. The S&B Composite Index measures a banks return compared to its risk results in an indication of a bank’s Risk vs. Reward relationship. The S&B Top 15th group is being released on April 26th.

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