Congratulations on making it into the S&B Top 15th Percentile of Community Banks!

This year’s S&B Top 15th Percentile designation reveals Community Banks that optimally balanced their Risk and Reward over the course of 2018, resulting in an S&B Total Risk/Return Composite Ranking in the top 15th percentile. This accomplishment demonstrates that the Bank’s directors and management possess a sophisticated understanding of banking and a high level of dedication to customers and the communities they serve. The S&B Total Risk/Return model is built around S&B’s belief that conservative, traditional community banking is the strength of our financial system.

Regional Top 10
In addition to the Top 15th, this year, S&B will also be recognizing the Top 10 banks in every region in the United States from within the Top 15th Percentile. The banks that have made it on the Regional Top 10 list will receive a distinct information kit and certificate recognizing their achievement.

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Watch our Briefing on the Performance of the S&B Top 15th Group

Jamie Sumner, chief analyst, reviews the performance of the 2018 S&B Top 15th Percentile group. This group of banks includes institutions that have realized an optimal level of performance throughout 2018 based on the S&B Composite Index. The S&B Composite Index measures a banks return compared to its risk results in an indication of a bank’s Risk vs. Reward relationship. The S&B Top 15th group is being released on April 26th.

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