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S&B provides a host of services to help the bank manage capital planning and strategic planning. From onsite meetings and retreat facilitation to surveying the stakeholders and providing proforma analysis, S&B will be with you every step of the way.
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With capital being the foundation of your institution, it is important to properly prepare for the expected and unexpected. Let us work with you to manage your current capital and plan for future capital adequacy.

Capital is the foundation upon which every community bank is built. A weak foundation will not support a shaky structure. Likewise, a strong foundation can support traditional, conservative community banking. In our book for community bank directors, The Art of Risk in Community Banks: The "How-To" Guide, we refer to a bank's capital as a "diamond with many facets." To understand and optimize the bank's capital adequacy for each business model, capital must be viewed from many perspectives. Growth, credit issues, earnings, interest rate fluctuations, and dividends have an effect on each of these perspectives.

The challenge to every community bank board and management team is to not only create the long-term capital plan, but to fully understand all facets of capital to enable the bank to effectively implement its strategic plan. S&B can help you do just that through our EVE model and risk assessment, which is part of every capital plan we do.





Only from a vantage point founded on traditional banking values and proper risk management can community banks forge strategic plans dynamic enough to withstand any economic cycle. Through the decades, S&B has perfected the facilitation of this very critical and highly customized process.

S&B's strategic planning process takes your board and management team from the baseline projection of value through the eventual retreat and final documentation. S&B's strategic planning process is featured in the book The Art of Strategic Planning and includes the following integral components:

  • Determining what your responsibility is and what you need to know before you get to the table;
  • How to set initial, attainable benchmarks that reflect the nature of your institution;
  • Educating your board and management team as to which indicators must be considered to make educated decisions;
  • Understanding current and future risk so you're prepared to manage and leverage it;
  • Encouraging management and board participation to ensure ownership and consensus on issues and goals;
  • How to use modeling to ensure your plan is realistic and stays on track; and
  • Perform and review a SWOT analysis.

S&B will provide the necessary tools and facilitation to make your strategic planning process a true reflection of your institution's value as well as a driver of future value.




The Strategic Retreat is the merging of planning and communication, culminating in the strategic retreat. S&B has facilitated board and management retreats for banks of all sizes. The topics of discussion during the retreat typically include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Define director duties and responsibilities;
  • Determination of institutional value;
  • Defined long-term profitability goals;
  • Economic awareness;
  • Facilitation of issues;
  • Tactical execution plans;
  • Relevancy;
  • Prudent assessment of risk and concrete risk parameters;
  • A balance of information control and micromanagement; and
  • A seamless transition due to promotion, retirement, or temporary absence.

Retreats are fully customizable and can range from a morning meeting to a full weekend. Let us help you put together a retreat that will be educational for the attendees and take a small load off of the CEO and CFO.




Through Seifried & Brew's extensive experience in strategic planning and capital planning, S&B has the expertise to independently assess and analyze the merger of community financial institutions. The Merger/Acquisition Assessment is the first phase in exploring the opportunities of entering the M&A market.

The assessment process starts with the S&B Performance Risk Report ("S&B PRR"). By using this report, a potential target can be analyzed not only by the performance of the institution, but more importantly on the risks they are taking. The proprietary S&B Total Risk Index delves further into the analytic process by providing an overall risk ranking of the target institution, including a comparison to our community bank benchmark group. The risk assessment also reviews the four main components of the target's overall risk level — capital risk, credit risk, earnings at risk, and liquidity risk.

The S&B Strategic Planning Model can project a merger out to five years. S&B collaborates with the management team on model assumptions. The model projects the balance sheet, income statement, key ratios, capital adequacy, and dividend payments. More importantly, the model projects out the combined value created by the merger by using the S&B proprietary economic value of equity ("EVE") model; this modeling can indicate the future stock value.




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